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Find out how these unique organizations are countering hate and learn how you can support their efforts.

A Change Maker is an individual or an organization taking a proactive approach to countering hate, bias and discrimination and creating acceptance, inclusivity and equality in their communities. Find out more about these unique organizations and learn how you can support their efforts.


Hate happens when people are targeted because of who they are — and it thrives when we stay silent. But there is a groundswell of people across the country tackling hate in unique and innovative ways to create a more inclusive, equitable America. We all have the power to create — to create awareness, dialogue, connections, support, and ultimately real and lasting change. Together, our voices can be louder than hate.



Erase the Hate Accelerator Program

Find out how Erase the Hate is amplifying and supporting the efforts of six Change Makers through the first-ever Accelerator program against hate.

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Change Maker Spotlight:

The Better Arguments Project


Together Our Voices are Louder

Familiar faces from NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment are helping us stand up against hate.

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