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You’re not alone in the fight against hate.

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about your rights and the resources available to help your efforts to Erase the Hate.

Erase the Hate is a campaign from NBCUniversal Entertainment and Lifestyle Group that is designed to help fight hate and discrimination across America. Multiple points of view on diversity and other topics are represented on Please note that the information provided and the organizations listed do not necessarily reflect the views of NBCUniversal Media. While is intended to be a resource, the content is intended for informational purposes only, cannot be guaranteed to be accurate or complete, and may be subject to change. Please be sure to do your own independent research, as is not a substitute for an attorney’s advice or services. We encourage you to connect directly with the organizations you wish to affiliate with, and seek out additional information and resources on fighting hate and discrimination in your communities.

Hate Crime Laws

A hate crime is generally defined as a crime against a person or property that is motivated by bias, prejudice, or hatred toward the personal, or perceived personal, characteristics of a victim, including: race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity. Learn more about your state’s laws and how to take action now.

Look up federal hate crime laws or find your state’s hate crime laws here

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Guide To Difficult Conversations

Guide To Difficult Conversations

One way to stand up against hate is by talking with the people around us—even those who disagree. Here are ten tips for approaching difficult conversations.

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Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

It is more imperative than ever during times of heightened sensitivities that community members are familiar with the laws that protect them.

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