Erase The Hate
Music Anthem Video

We all have the power to create change. Up-and-coming musical artist Princess Nokia and legendary Grammy Award-winning producer Timbaland encourage every one of us to take action in the fight against hate.

Campaign Launch Spot

Here’s to the people who work every day To make the world better, stronger and great Let’s stand for the people who cannot make noise Let’s stand for the people who don’t have a voice Now is the time, the time for a change The start of a chapter, the turn of a page Time to reflect and improve our ways Join hands together and erase the hate Now more than ever is that we need voices Whose passion sends power all over the masses To people in office and children in classes We need the people that cause the reactions We need the artists who fight with their passions Who rap and they sing and they stand into action We need the leaders who speak to the youth Bringing equality, courage and truth This is the time to peacefully say We need solutions and we need a change Up from the ashes I know we will rise This is the message and this is the time So we may start over and begin as one Erase the hate, and stand for a cause... Erase The Hate.

Behind The Scenes